Welcome. I am a graphic artist known as "Skyzon". Lately I have been dedicated to convert photos of people into 3D images in the pixar cartoon style. You can also convert a photo of yourself or a friend or relative. People like to receive this type of art as a gift.


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Latest Work

My regular work (selfies, family, friends and other every day photos)

First test



Send your picture and ask for a quote to:


- The reference photograph must belong to you.
- All people in photo must agree to let me publish the original photo on the internet.
- I don't accept pictures with sexual content, drunk persons, violence, or other inappropriate content.
- If you are under 18 you must be represented by your parents or the adults in charge.
- Payment via Paypal, 50% upfront to start the job and the other 50% after the job is done.


- The price varies according to the difficulty of the project
( you must send me the picture for a proper quote)
For reference usually the prices are:
1 face with no background.......USD $109
1 face with background............USD $119
1 half body no background......USD $139
1 half body with background....USD $149
1 full body no background.......USD $169
1 full body with background.....USD $179
2 faces with no background.....USD $219
2 faces with background..........USD $229

- Very complex backgrounds or clothes or objects may have extra charge.
- Backgounds can be changed according to your desire


What you receive

- 1 high resolution picture (PNG).
(If you want more pictures from other angles, or 3D files (BLEND) additional price will be charged. For personal jobs, any brands/logos in the original picture will be removed or changed to fictional alternatives.)
For commercial jobs, please contact me.